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企業管理學系 Department of Business Administration


The curriculum is designed to cultivate professional managers, and offer fundamental business courses that meet global standards. In the first two years, students concentrate on learning basic theories to give them a firm grasp of broad-based fundamentals in business administration. We invite the best minds in the field to plan and instruct the lecutres to ensure students are familiar with both theoretical knowledge and practical skill. 
Students must complete a minimum of 49 course units (CUs) including 45 CUs from common core requirements: Accounting, Economics, and Corporate Law; department-required courses are Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, and other field-based learning opportunities. To respond to the growing demands of the international enterprises for professional talents, it is essential for students to develop expertises through courses like International Marketing Management, International Business Administration, Strategy for Transnational Business Operation, and Global Management Issues in the third and fourth years. To satisfy English proficiency requirements, students have to complete 8 CUs in English classes, and another 4 CUs in a second foreign language. The wide range of coursework helps to cultivate exceptional business managers with independent thinking, professional creativity, integrity, and ability to think with an international perspective.