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企業管理學系 Department of Business Administration

About us

Department Features

    The goal of the Department of Business Administration is to develop business administration professionals. We have cordially extended invitations out not only to the outstanding professors in the local area, but also to the leading experts in the financial industry to provide practical and international financial courses to ensure that students can learn applied, real-world concepts in industry from leading experts and transfer that acquired knowledge and skillset into the job market themselves.


    Our department will integrate the resources of our school and CTBC Holding to develop the most distinguished business administration academic research ream in Taiwan. Each student will be provided with an environment that includes various areas of knowledge, including holistic education, foreign languages, PE classes, volunteer services, group activities, library research, internship experiences, study abroad programs, and CTBC Forum. After four years of study, our student will develop the abilities for independent thinking, professional innovation, and international perspectives with liberal, extensive, professional, and practical views.

Our Goals

  1. Develop Business Administration Professionals.
  2. Develop business administration professionals with the ability to deal with international and foreign affairs.
  3. Develop the ability to independently think, to foster professional innovation, and to have an international perspective.